Helping credit unions grow.

Grow membership. Grow Loans. Improve Product Penetration.

"You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety." – Abraham Maslow

Creating the plan for growth

Julie Ferguson ConsultingJulie works one on one with your team to analyze existing growth and business development efforts, then determining effective ways to leverage current activities, and formulating new ideas. Focus will be on areas critical to your credit union, including community outreach, employee group strategy, sponsorships, retention, and overall membership growth activities. Julie will weave in and prioritize growth channels through remote delivery alternatives. A comprehensive plan including tactics and measurable results is then developed, presented and articulated.

Training and building the skill set to execute the plan

Prioritizing employee training helps you ensure a positive, productive, innovative and results oriented organizational environment. Frankly, it is a necessity.

Each of Julie's interactive training sessions focus on tangible new skills that employees can utilize immediately. Julie has extensive business development experience in the credit union industry and has been in many of the same roles as your staff. This offers relevant insight and let's her connect well with your team.