Shift Happens

Transitioning to a Sales Culture in an Operational Environment

"Change before you have to." -Jack Welch

A decision to move toward a sales culture is a big one for many credit unions that have been more "operational" in nature – an order taker mentality. Many of us are even rock star order takers. We may fulfill members’ needs effectively when we are asked, but that’s where it stops. Building a culture where every employee thinks about how their interactions affect the member, and in turn, the credit unions bottom line sounds easy. We know differently. Change is hard. Join Julie for a discussion about ways to move toward a culture that expects engagement at a new level.

  • How do you make the transition?
  • What if your employees don’t want to change?
  • What if your LEADERS don’t want to change?
  • Metrics to hold employees accountable
  • How do you develop the skill set of your employees for success?
  • The role of transparency
  • The importance of ongoing coaching
  • Modifying your hiring process going forward
  • Ideas on how to celebrate success!