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A common goal for most of us is to travel, visit exciting new places and see new things. Affording travel is a matter of priorities and choices that we can control. It's not necessary to stay home or go into debt to see more of our country or the world.

This workshop specifically focuses on the subject of travel; something your members and prospective members want to do. Your goal is to provide relevant content, via a creative, professional presentation, that associates your credit union with everyday financial needs. You'll provide tips that will help your audience make the most of their travel budget.

Planning is an exciting part of the travel adventure. This engaging 34 slide presentation, along with a 19 page guide, will navigate through:

  • Transportation
  • Dynamite cost-effective destinations
  • Lodging alternatives
  • Dining like a local
  • Planning for memorable experiences

This fun-filled event is loaded with practical tips that will make your audience's travel dreams a reality. It's advocacy brought to life in a tangible way.

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