Educate. Advocate. Relate.

Now there is a creative member education solution that any credit union can afford and will be excited to offer. FinLife 360 is a series of turnkey educational workshops that are ready right out of the box, offering insightful, relevant financial tips for your members and prospects. But there is a catch. Rather than providing financial wellness presentations on topics such as understanding your credit report or budgeting basics, we offer unique topics that let you educate, advocate, and relate.

How You & Members Benefit

Members have everyday financial needs that extend beyond the obvious. We find topics of interest that your members can relate to, such as affording a pet and planning for travel. Our goal is to help you present a slightly different view of your credit union. One where your position as an advocate is very clear and unique. Providing members with ways to save money and live within their means offers a tangible return to them, while supporting your brand in the community.


Select individual workshop kits based on unique yet relevant topics. Each kit includes:

  • Branded one hour presentations in PDF format for easy use and display.
  • Slide-by-slide presentation content guide for your presenter.
  • Suggested questions for the audience to encourage and drive member engagement.
  • Presentation session description for promotion and communication.
  • Lead generation ideas that can be put to use immediately.
  • Presentation tip sheet to drive impact.
  • Unlimited use for members, community or SEG presentations.
  • Option to present live, in person or through a webinar.

Current Available Workshops

Affordable Turnkey Solutions

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    $199 per workshop kit
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